Sunday, April 14, 2013

Everyone wins with beer and ice cream!

I recently had a friend visit Portland. A week after returning home she called me up and begged me to find a way to get Salt & Straw ice cream sent to her. Portland is ahead of the game in a number of culinary creations but we have really outdone ourselves with ice cream.

Portland's Salt & Straw was an instant hit! The first time I drove past one of their two shops there was a line half way around the block... and it was raining! I knew I had to try this place. The next weekend I grabbed a friend and waited in line for 40 minutes. And every single minute was worth it. I found flavors you won't find anywhere else in town, made with local ingredients.

Unique Sweets does a pretty good job of summing up what Salt& Straw is about,
"Adding flavors you would not expect in your ice cream but once you taste it you want it there."

Adding to their already eclectic flavors Salt & Straw has announced their sixpack of beer flavored ice cream. A few posts back I mentioned Portland's love of beer, so of course beer flavored ice cream comes as no surprise to me. 

Six ice creams will each feature a Portland local brewery - 

Breakside Brewery
Gigantic Brewing Company
Hair of the Dog Brewing Company
Logsdon Organic Farmhouse Ales
The Commons Brewery
Widmer Brothers Brewing (A little disappointed to see Widmer on the list as they don't have that local feel anymore. There are plenty of other breweries deserving of this spot.)

The article goes more in-depth behind the flavors. I'm excited for this to hit the shelves this June. And for those of you not from Portland, they will be available for shipping nationwide. What a great Father's Day gift!

Friday, April 5, 2013

Best City For Your Skin!

I live in the US city that is best for your skin. How lucky am I?!
I also live in one of the wettest cities... not so lucky.
Either way I am happy to call Portland home.

I've never really given much thought to how the environment affects my skin, besides seasons changing. I can imagine that air pollution would eventually take a toll on your skin. I can definitely tell a difference on how my respiratory system feels when I leave Portland and head down to LA. I mean, you can straight up see the smog. Just imagine what that's doing to your body.

I'm curious if anyone has noticed how the environment affects their skin.