Sunday, March 31, 2013

DIY: Decoupage Easter Eggs

Ukrainian Easter Eggs, known as Psyanky, as so beautiful.They are created by melting beeswax and using a stylus to draw multiple layers of designs onto eggs. The eggs are then dipped into dyes to create different hues. This process typically takes 3 to 11 hours to perfect an egg.

Considering I don't have the skills to come anywhere close to recreating one of these beauties I went with more of a decoupage route.

Materials needed:
Napkins/thin paper
Pastry/paint brush
Olive oil

I decided to take this route last minute and had to make due with what I had. If I had more time I would have liked to of hunt down the perfect napkin prints and create a theme, but luckily the ones I had on hand fit well with Easter.

Boil your eggs and let sit till room temperature. You could also choose to go a more decorative route and hallow out egg shells.

You can choose to cut shapes or wrap the entire egg with a napkin. With either option you will want to separate the layers of napkins. Simple peel apart the top layer with print from the bottom layers. 

Wrapping the entire egg would mean cutting the napkin down to size and dealing with at least some overlap on the egg. I chose to cut shapes from various napkins. Although this route took much longer, it allowed for a lot more creative leeway. I wasn't sure how small or large the shapes should be so I cut a variety. I found cutting smaller, more delicate patterns a bit tedious but appreciated them as fillers when larger pieces were left with bald spots. 

Once your napkins are cut and eggs are cool you'll take a trip back to that grade school art project. Pasting the napkins reminded me of doing papier-mâché when I was young. I supposed you could use Modge Podge but I used egg whites as a paste. Gently whisk the egg whites (you can add a little water if you feel this is too thick) and use this as a paste to glue on your napkins. You can use a brush or your finger to spread the egg whites, both work fine. Position your napkin on the egg and start brushing the whites from the center and then out to the edges. If you use too much whites your napkin could rip, so don't overdo it.


If you're using the egg carton to hold your eggs make sure you let them dry a little before placing them back  otherwise your napkins will dry and stick to the carton. Once eggs are dry put a little olive oil on a napkin and brush the eggs to give them a glossy look. And then you're done!

These eggs are really that simple - cut, paste, and dry. I had way more fun doing these eggs than actually dying eggs. I also found the clean up to be virtually nonexistent. Really the only clean up I had to do was wash and dry the egg whites bowl.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

What's your major? Beer.

One week after I finish my love affair with Portland State's School of Business they introduce this baby...

"The Business of Craft Brewing program is designed for anyone with an interest in the business side of craft beverages, from grower to glass. Our focus is primarily on craft brewing, but we include business models for distilleries and alcoholic cider facilities as well." - PSU SBA


Anyone who has ever step foot in Portland knows how much we love our beer. In fact, we claim an impressive 52 breweries... more than any other city in the world . Try to beat that. Check out the Oregon Brewers Guild for some pretty impressive Portland brew facts.

Probably 1 out of every 5 people I know has brewed their own beer. It was only a matter of time until PSU offered this course. With no doubt I see this being a success.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Buon Appetito!

Cooking for please? Yes, please.
Cooking out of obligation? No, thank you.

I truly love cooking when I have the freedom to whip up whatever I want, whenever I want. As soon as I have to rush home after an 8 hr shift and get dinner on the table all love is out the window. 

I used to work at a little Italian restaurant. While I don't miss working there one bit, I truly miss the cooking. This weekend I got nostalgic and pulled my  pizza crafting skills out of the closet.


Fresh dough
Marinara/pizza paste
Canadian Bacon
Fresh tomatoes  

Cooking for myself, I would have gone a different route on toppings. Cooking for others, I aim to please.

I'm happy to know that my pizza crafting skills haven't faded away yet. Although I am still wondering where all of my other Italian cooking skills have gone. Oh, how I miss carbonara and chicken marsala. I guess it's true when they say cooking is a skill - if you don't use it, you'll lose it. Hopefully some day I'll have the time to take a walk through the grocery store and rekindle my relationship with Italian cuisine.

Cook at 450 degrees for 20 minutes, have a glass of wine while you wait, and you are done!

The best part about pizza is that there are very few pots and pans to scrub... everyone's favorite part of cooking.

Let me know below if anyone has any suggestions on dishes I could make to get back into cooking. Bonus points for gluten-free items.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

What I Really Learned In College

After 5.5 years, I have finally completed my last college final! I couldn't be any more excited. After two schools and multiple field of study changes I now hold four degrees. Yes, I said four. Four well earned degrees.

Associate of ScienceAssociate of Science Oregon Transfer - BusinessBachelor of Science - Advertising ManagementBachelor of Science - Marketing

I have no doubt that for the most part what I learned in the classroom will be useful; being a business major you actually learn some valuable skills. But there are some things valuable things I learned about college that weren't in a textbook...

1. A bachelor degree is not a four year degree. 

4 year degree? Ain’t nobody got time for that! Mine took me 5 and a half. This will be the case for most people who pay their own tuition or work outside of school.

2. Community college is real college. 

And it’s actually a much smarter route to take than paying for university starting freshman year. I had a boyfriend who never missed the opportunity to talk poorly about community college when given the chance. It’s easy to look down on community college when someone else pays for your tuition at university. Yes, almost everyone is accepted to community college. Yes, there are no dorms and the basketball games don’t get aired on ESPN. But in all honesty, my experience there seemed a lot more real than some of my friends who went to big name schools. I had more freedom to explore classes to find out what major was right for me. I didn’t live in a dorm, so my world consisted of more than just campus activities. Earning an associate degree before my bachelors gave me bragging rights to say I had a degree; it also opened up a whole new world job opportunities. Added bonus - many of my classes were taught by the same teachers my friends had at university... who got the better bang for their buck there? 

3. Your seat belongs to you and no one else is allowed to sit in it. Ever. 

It may take you two or three classes to find a seat to claim as your own but when you do you are basically married to it. You bond with it. You know it is waiting for you. And you feel like you’re cheating on it when you walk into the room on the day of the final and that one guy who only shows up for the first and last day of class is sitting in it... cluelessly throwing off the entire balance of the classroom. You will be forced to sit in someone else’s seat, making them hate you just as much as you hate your own intruder. Worst part is - all you will be able to think about during the final is how someone else is in YOUR spot. 

4. Netflix is the heart of procrastination. 

“Oh you have a 20 page paper due in a week? Now would be the perfect time to get addicted to a 7 season TV show on Netflix.” Thanks brain! 

5. You will make more temporary friends than you can count. It's OK.

Chances are you’ll find at least one person in every class that you always sit next to, complain about the professor with, and run at super speed with during your 5 minute break to get coffee all the way across campus. This person will be your best friend in class for the entire term and then when the term is over you will never hang out with them again. It’s OK. Cherish those long three months you shared together. As always, you’ll meet someone new in your next class. 

6. Signing for a student loan is like signing your life away. 

End of story.

7. Group work:

8. Not everyone will have the same experience.
Life isn't fair. That should be the first thing they tell you in college. Not everyone will have the same opportunities and it sucks when someone gets a better one than you. It will happen your entire life so you might as well get used to it. But there's no need to be bitter; just remember that there will always be someone who has less than you and is probably thinking you're the lucky one.

9. Those non-gift exchanging holidays will become just as cherished as Christmas.
Memorial Day is now just as big of a deal as Christmas because you get a three day weekend and one less day of school. Take time to actually honor the meaning of those holidays, you owe it to them.

10. The real world does not care about your college experiences.
In which case this entire post means absolutely nothing. But really, when you finish college it doesn't matter what clubs you were in or who had the best party. You enter an entire new world when you graduate. You are no longer surrounded by people who generally have the same lifestyle as you. Post-college is the most pivotal time to become a new person. Become your own person. Explore the world and find a meaning in life that is worth living.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Let's Do Some Spring Cleaning

After receiving a nomination for the Peace Corps in November 2012 I started this blog in hopes of having somewhere to collect my thoughts while away. With an estimated departure date of August 2013 I thought it would be a nice idea to get used to the blogging experience while I wait. Since November I have posted miscellaneous posts that have been somewhat incomplete and unorganized. Now that I have graduated college and I no longer have 10+ chapters of textbooks to read during the week or disappointingly have to spend my entire weekend writing research papers in the library, I can finally devote some time to this lovely place.

I decided to do a little spring cleaning and give A Girl Called Remember complete makeover. I am excited to start from scratch and pour my heart into this experience.

To mark this new journey I have decided to participate in a lovely springtime swap. Back in December I stumbled upon an ornament exchange hosted by a really sweet girl named Dawn. Her blog, Candidly Clyde, is a really great read. The ornament exchange was a great experience - I exchanged with a girl in Trinidad. When Dawn invited me to participate in her Mayday Springtime Swap I didn't even have to think twice! Click below to read about it and join in for some fun.