Sunday, November 4, 2012

Go Big, Then Go Home

I am so proud to announce that I have officially been nominated for the Peace Corps! This is exciting news, trust me.

In August 2013 I will leave as a volunteer to serve in the health sector of a country that lives below poverty level. My country  will be announced in spring, approximately four months before I depart.

The decision between entering the work force or volunteering after graduation has been something I have been weighing for almost a decade (It's been almost a decade since I had my first year of high school? Whoa). I am so proud to have finally chosen a path, let alone a path that I can be extremely proud of.

There is more to come on what exactly this means but until then check my journey so far:


  1. Couldn't figure out how to comment on your PC Timeline post; maybe I'm slightly incompetent. Just curious if you had any idea about time between sending fingerprints back and getting cleared. It took a really long time for you! You might not have any idea, but do you think that's typical? I am anxiously awaiting my clearance, if you couldn't tell, haha.

  2. I am so glad you said something! I had forgotten I disabled comments while rewriting my timeline. I fixed it now.

    From what I can tell the timeline for getting things processed doesn't have much to do about when you turned them in but when your departure date is. I was nominated for almost a year out from my nomination, so my file sat for months and months untouched.

    This year the Peace Corps underwent a budget cut, which has delayed a number of departure dates (including mine as of recently). My original date was for August but when I was legally cleared I was seeing a ton of people with dates before me that hadn't even be cleared (most of them ended up being pushed back as well). So unfortunately it's really up in the air for when things happen.