Friday, June 14, 2013

Gluten Free Friday: Udi's Muffins

I walked into work on Monday and they're were four birthday cakes for a coworker's birthday. FOUR! They were just sitting there staring me in the face. And I couldn't eat a single one thanks to my lovely intolerance of gluten.

Tuesday we had another birthday and my wonderful coworker made sure to bring in something that I could eat as well (love her thoughtfulness!). So, behold Udi's Gluten Free Double Chocolate Chip Muffins. DELICIOUS!

They are in no way healthy for you, but still beat out chocolate cake. They have the consistency of chocolate cake, a little more dense than you would expect from a muffin. But they are no where as dense as gluten free bread. I surprisingly enjoyed the taste. I expected something overly chocolate but these were spot on. They weren't too sweet, a little more on the bitter side (which is how I like my chocolate). They are plenty filling. One muffin was more than enough and really half of one could have done the job. 

I definitely recommend these to anyone gluten free who is looking for a treat. Or even anyone who is looking for a way to ease into the taste and consistency of gluten free. I'm definitely adding these to my list of favorite products and hope to use them as model of perfecting homemade gluten free muffins.

Udi's is the most popular gluten free brand in my area markets. They're fairly priced for gluten free products considering how expensive the ingredients are. It's still cheaper than making your own gluten free products. Some smaller brands have been popping up but their prices are surprisingly even higher than Udi's.

As of 06/13/13 Udi's has a printable $1.00 off coupon. 
You can click below to be redirected to the special offers page.

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  1. Thanks for the treat review! Finding yummy stuff that's gluten free and doesn't taste "off" is always a challenge. I hesitate trying a new gluten free brand frequently at New Seasons or Whole Foods because I don't want to spend bucks only to find I hate the taste!