Friday, May 24, 2013

Mad World

The beginning of May I told myself after a pretty hectic April I would get my act together and get back on track with life. Ya, that didn't happen. May has turned out to be just as crazy as April. 

I thought with graduating from college I would have all this free time to catch up on things I put aside for my studies... wrong. I find it kind of funny that college was the thing taking up most my time and giving me an unbelievable amount of anxiety and now that I am without it I feel completely loss. I just don't know what to do with myself. 

Despite being in a mess of extra work hours and trying to put everything into place, I still have time to procrastinate with YouTube (doesn't everyone?).

One of my favorite artists from YouTube just posted an AMAZING cover. If you haven't discovered her yet then definitely give Poppy a listen. She has such a strong voice for such a little body. By strong I mean developed, she sounds pretty soft spoken but everything just flows together. Plus she has an intriguing accent - she's from the states but it's nothing I've ever heard. 

Mad World - Tears for Fears Cover by Poppy

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