Thursday, July 11, 2013

Mojitos & Free Slurpees!




July 7 is both "National Mojito Day" and 7-11's birthday. What a happy day! 

Mojitos are my favorite drink by far - hands down, no competition. Mojitos were one of my first alcoholic drinks entering 21 and it has been my go-to since. The combination of mint and rum makes it the perfect refreshing drink for warm weather. The only downsides of the drink are the fact that mint is seasonal and the time it takes to make - you can bet any bartender will shoot you a dirty look if you order a round of them during the Happy Hour rush. Give yourself a treat and pick up some ingredients on your way home from work (warning: if you're a mint lover you will be addicted).

Every year on July 7, 7-11 will hand out one free small Slurpee per person (you think they won't notice if you go through twice but oh they do). Make sure you go as early as possible because once they run out of those tiny cups they don't give out any more. As a kid I used to hop on my bike and hit every 7-11 possible to get my free small Slurpee - now that I'm an adult I can drive to even more! Check out and see if there's a store close to you: 7-11 Locator

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